Katia and Gaby Guillaume's Wedding

This morning I received an email from Katia Guillaume that I wanted to share...

Byron and Leslie,
How are you guys doing? Gaby and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on our wedding day. We really appreciated everything you both did to make sure we would get the best memories of our special day.
I wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about the pictures from when Gaby and I were young. We will bring them to you guys as soon as we get a chance.

Thank you so much for everything,
Katia and Gaby
We are still processing the ton of images we shot at their wedding. They all look great and as always Katia and Gaby both were awesome to work with. Such great energy and love between them. I have to say that Katia was the calmest bride I have ever seen before, during and after the ceremony. Amazed both Leslie and I. As Katia's aunt put it, "It's because they love each other so much, nothing else matters". As soon as we can we will post a few shots up here.

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Unknown said...

Oh wow! I had no idea you would post my e-mail on the blog. It was a nice surprise. I also love the pictures you posted from the engagement photo shot. It was very nice to read your comments about Gaby and I. Thank you!
It was truly a pleasure working with both of you.